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Contemporary art rarely makes it to a top business magazine unless a huge amount of money is spent on it. The progressive, contemporary and independent art event, OFF-Biennial Budapest launches its programs in April. Forbes Magazine interviewed the two of the many organizers of the event, Hajnalka Somogyi and Tijana Stepanovits.

The idea of the event came from art historian and independent curator Hajnalka Somogyi, and following the enthusiastic brainstormings, an international series of events in more than a hundred locations (New York, Vienna, Bratislava, Prague included) took shape. OFF-Biennial was not supported by state funding, neither did the organizers applied for national cultural funds. They wanted to prove that OFF-Biennial could stand on its own legs. To do so, they raised the necessary funding with the help of international civil foundations and private sponsors. Naturally, the 40 million Hungarian Forints collected would not have been enough for an art event of this scale. An indispensable part of the program is the voluntary work of those Hungarian and international art professionals who think that contemporary art has a vast social potential and can be effective and exciting for a vast number of people.

Read the whole article by Dóra Budavári here. Sorry it is only in Hungarian.