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Meet our second-year Management with Arts students!

Art in Collaboration

Pop Corn Talk

Translating the past to those who were born after 1989

No Taboos!

A “detective” of art

Gallery visit with IBS students

Businessmen for whom contemporary art matters (2)

“Collecting Art Brings You Closer to Europe”

Businessmen for whom contemporary art matters

The Department of Arts Management's trip to Venice

Contemporary art at a market

Exhibition by Rudolf Pacsika, OFF-Biennale


Have you ever heard the universal anthem?

Off Biennial has taken off

Exhibition curated by our Arts Management student, Saskia Suominen

Art in a business magazine

No Merci - Recommended by Delia Vekony, lecturer at IBS Arts Management Department

An art work that did not happen shows the ambiguities of a new political situation