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We give considerable importance to increasing students' employability skills.

IBS has set up SIDE (Skills Identification Development Exhibition), that enhances and develops the skills which are most demandable in the job arena to ensure that our graduates have an advantage over others in job applications.

What is SIDE?

In brief, SIDE (Skills Identification, Development and Exhibition) is a framework to assess, develop and showcase student talent: essentially a new way to improve students’ most crucial employability skills and provide them with a competitive advantage on the job market.

How does it work?

In brief, SIDE is a framework to assess, develop and showcase student talent. This is how it works:

  •          During the first year of studies IBS determines students’ initial ability to perform in six critical skills for employment: Written Communication, Oral Communication, IT, Analytical, Quantitative and Organisational skills. In the second year they have the opportunity to participate in development workshops which are leveled according to their capabilities. Once they have passed these modules, their newly acquired skills will be recognised through the issuance of ‘badges’: these are official mini-certificates that attest that the student has attained a certain achievement in the given area and is deemed worthy of obtaining that particular distinction.
  •          In addition to the above-detailed framework, IBS identifies, measures and recognises other skills and area-specific in-depth knowledge, motivation and engagement (e.g. community service, club organisation), and many more which, similarly to the above modules, we award with virtual badges.  
  •          Badges are collected on a platform where students can access them and later they will be able to attach these to their LinkedIn profile. With their permission, we will make the badges accessible to prospective employers as well.

Why is it good for students?

Students will have the opportunity to (i) participate in personalised skill development, (ii) earn virtual badges that can be attached to their CV and job applications, (iii) earn recognition for special interests and engagements, (iv) be connected to prospective employers.

Why is it important to IBS?

Based on our institutional strategy, we intend to further develop our capabilities in various soft and hard skill provisions while further facilitating connection between our student and their prospective employers. We envisage SIDE Framework to become an industry standard in personalised skill development and, in the meantime, spark unique teaching methodology trainings and pathways for our faculty.