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PhD László Kiss J.

  • PhD in International Affairs Supervisor
  • Diplomacy, Arts & Social Studies
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László Kiss J. is a political scientist with a broad range of interests. He is a Professor Emeritus at Corvinus University, Institute of International Studies. Between 1998 and 2014, he was employed as Professor at Corvinus University, where between 1992-2003 he led the Budapest Institute for Graduate International and Diplomatic Studies (BIGIS) as a Research Director. Between 2007-2013, he led the Hungarian Institute of International Affairs, the leading think-tank providing theoretical and practical background analysis and pursuing research on foreign and security policy issues, including defence and non-proliferation in Hungary. Between 1999-2011 he acted as research director of Hungarian Instititute of International Affairs and between 2010-2015 he was editor-in-chief of "Külügyi Szemle" (Foreign Policy Review).Since then, he has become a prominent leader in the political sciences in Hungary and was awarded with the Knight’s Cross of Hungarian Order of Merit. He is a supervisor of doctoral students at IBS Budapest.
Main research areas include: 
  • - Security theories – security studies
  • - Foreign Policy Decision Making and Crisis Management
  • - Foreign policy theories and analysis in comparative approach
  • - Integration and nations within the European Union
  • - Hungary‘s modern-time foreign and security policy
  • - Middle East and Europe in international relations
  • - Methodology and theories of international relations
  • - German and Austrian studies