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Krisztina Vida

  • Senior Lecturer
  • Diplomacy, Arts & Social Studies
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Read about Krisztina Vida's EU institutions and Policies module on the blog!

Guest lecture on Krisztina Vida's module 


Krisztina Vida is an Associate Professor at IBS and module leader of various modules including Global Political Economy, International Organisations or EU Institutions and Policies. Previously, she worked at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences as a Researcher for more than twenty years. Her research topics include institutional reforms, governance modes and legitimacy issues in the EU, the catching up and integration performance of the ten Central and Eastern European member states of the EU, as well as analysing the impact of the crisis on the United Kingdom. She has over one hundred publications and has participated in numerous national and international projects and conferences. She has extended teaching experience, lecturing (mainly EU studies) in Hungarian, English and French for many years. She is a full-time tutor and a supervisor of doctoral students at IBS Budapest.