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We offer two postgraduate MSc programmes in English on our Vienna campus all leading to the Master of Science degree conferred by our British partner, The University of Buckingham.

In order to accommodate your work commitments, we provide a flexible schedule with courses delivered in teaching blocks. The schedule makes it possible for students even with a full-time job to participate as classes are held on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings (18:00-21:00) and on Saturday (9:00-12:00) on the Vienna campus. However, completing the programme with a full-time job will require considerable commitment

Two of our programmes, International Management and Human Resource Management are conversion programmes, so they can be attractive also for those wishing to make a career change: entry requirement is a Bachelor degree in any field of study.

Programme Objective

Completing a master’s programme at IBS requires considerable commitment on your part. We aim to match your commitment by providing a programme that encourages you to question the way management and business processes operate in an organisation. The open and critical thinking we help you to develop is highly valued by employers.

Cross-cultural Context

Students on our master’s programmes come from a wide variety of learning environments. They are expected to be independent learners, and for many this is a new experience. Our faculty support and guide all programme participants in making this transition as we are convinced that independent study develops strong research skills and the ability to make sense of new material quickly, while improving communication skills. An additional core value of our master’s programmes is the development of individual and team building skills in cross-cultural contexts. This latter is enhanced by the fact that our students arrive from many different countries and cultures.

MSc in Strategic International Management

MSc in Strategic Human Resource Management