British BSc or MSc in Budapest and Vienna!

Get a British degree from the University of Buckingham after a study period of 1 to 3 years! 

Now you can get a scholarship to finance your studies and spend the most memorable years of your life in university in Budapest or in Vienna!

  • British degree with excellent ranking
  • studies in English with work friendly schedule
  • international student community in a wonderful city
  • scholarship possibilities

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Choose from the following programmes:

BSc in Financial Management

MSc in Financial Management (no. 11. in Eastern Europe!*)

International University Foundation
BSc in Management with Diplomacy

MSc in International Management (no. 10 in Eastern Europe!*)

BSc in Management with Arts

MSc in Marketing Management (ranked no. 5 in Eastern Europe!*)

BSc in Management

MSc in Human Resource Management (ranked no. 3 in Eastern Europe!*)

BSc in Marketing Management  
BSc in Management with Psychology  
BSc in Management with Tourism  

​​*Eduniversal ranking


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