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"Erasmus was the best thing in my life. Without a doubt. And all we've been through is something that no one back home will ever truly understand. After this, I will never be completely home again, because part of my heart is in Budapest with all my friends. That's the price you need to pay for the richness of loving and knowing such amazing people that changed me and the way I see the world. Thank you."

To start planning your Erasmus exchange period at IBS, first you must contact the Erasmus coordinator in your Home Institution who has to nominate you officially.

After your nomination you will receive an e-mail from the IBS Erasmus coordinator.

Etelka Dombora
Erasmus Coordinator
Monday-Thursday 9:00-12:00 & 13:00-15:00
Fridays 9:00-12:00

Nomination deadlines:

  • for the first semester (starting in September): April 15th
  • for the second semester (starting in February): October 15th

Application deadlines:

  • for the first semester (starting in September): May 15th
  • for the second semester (starting in February): November 15th


You will need to submit:

  • Application form 
    (Please fill it in by computer and send it to us in the original Word format.)
  • Transcript of your results
  • Proof of English language competence

After you receive the acceptance letter, you are required to fill in your learning agreement (provided by your home institution).

Learning agreement

Once you have selected the subjects you wish to follow, you have to fill in the learning agreement and send it by email – duly signed by yourself and the responsible coordinators at your institution. It is very important we receive your learning agreement no later than 15 July (1st semester); 15 December (2nd semester). Please note that the timetable may influence the accessibility of the chosen subjects, therefore the final confirmation of the learning agreement by IBS can only happen in mid-September / mid-February.

Course catalogues for 2020-21

Erasmus course catalogue - 2020-21/1

Course catalogues for 2019-20 (older)

Erasmus course catalogue - 2019-20/2

Course lists for 2020-21

Erasmus course list - 2020-21/1

Course lists for 2019-20 (older)

Erasmus course list - 2019-20/2


Academic calendar for 2020/21

Semester 1 registration
18 September 2020
Semester 1 teaching period
21 September – 18 December 2020
Semester 1 examinations
4-22 January 2021
Winter holiday
24 December 2020 – 3 January 2021
Semester 2 registration
5 February 2021
Semester 2 teaching period
8 February – 14 May 2021
Easter holiday
29 March - 5 April 2021
Semester 2 examinations
24 May – 11 June 2021

Please do not book trips or holidays for the teaching or examination periods.

Budapest campus

If you wish to stay at the Residence Hall, please also fill in the application for accommodation and return it to Mária Ortiz: Questions concerning accommodation should be e-mailed to this address. More information about the Residence Hall here: Residence Hall 

Upon Arrival

After your check-in, you will receive

  • your timetable for the semester;
  • a user ID for the IBS computer system;
  • a temporary student certificate ensuring cheap public transport. Note: this temporary certificate is valid for 60 days, after that it must be renewed.

You are required to pay for your printing at IBS. This can be arranged at the Cash Office (Room U1/117) prior to printing; also there you can buy a photo-copy card.

The library is free for all students. Details here:  Library

IBS operates a Moodle system which provides all information needed for your studies. All students have access to it.

The schedule for the examinations is published one month before the examinations start. Students have to sign up for the exams using the electronic student database and registration system called Neptun. No exams can be taken outside the specified examination times. In each subject one exam date is provided. To attempt an exam students must have a valid coursework mark in the given subject (if the coursework mark is part of the assessment).

Advice and information for incoming Erasmus students

Support for international students

IBS Student Wellbeing can support you with practical matters.

After mobility

At the end of your studies the transcript of your academic results will be sent to your coordinator in your Home Institution.

The marking system of our School in line with the British marking tradition, is as follows:

Low pass

The British grades given in percentage correspond to the European Credit Transfer System as follows:

“A” – excellent
“B” – very good
“C” – good
“D” – satisfactory
“E” – sufficient
“F” – fail

You must achieve the minimum pass mark (40%) in both coursework and exam in order to get the credits for the subject.

You may wish to read this interview with an Erasmus student who studied in IBS.

Enjoy your stay at IBS!

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