Health Insurance

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IBS makes it possible for all students with non-European citizenship to buy their health insurance upon arrival. The health insurance is accepted by the Immigration Office, the fee for 12 months is about EUR 260 that you will pay in Hungarian Forints upon arrival in IBS.

Students with EU citizenship

Please get a European health insurance card in your home country. If you need medical help in Hungary, go to your local GP (general doctor – ‘háziorvos’ in Hungarian). Each area within a district in Budapest has an assigned general doctor; please enquire in the house you are staying where to go.

EU students do not have to pay for medical treatment if they present their European Health Insurance Card and their Hungarian address card (issued by the Immigration Office after registration). It is important to know that the EU Health Insurance Card can be used only for a newly diagnosed illness, not for old/chronic ones. Each area within a district in Budapest has an assigned general doctor; please enquire in the house you are staying where to go. Not all doctors speaks English so get someone to help you with translation if possible. The GP can prescribe you some medicine or send you to a specialist in a clinic with his/her medical referral. Some specialists require an appointment that you can fix by phone or in person, some do not.

If you are staying in the Residence Hall on the new campus, your local GP (general practitioner/doctor) is:

dr. György KOCSIS
Phone: +36-1 454-1814
Address: 1031 Budapest, Monostori út 27.
Availability: Mon: 8-12, Tue: 15-19, Wed: 8-12, Thu: 15-19, Fri: morning (8-11) and afternoon (13-16) alternatively

Students with non-EU citizenship

For your residence permit in Hungary you need to have a health insurance. There are many different kinds of insurance products, but not all of them are accepted by the Immigration Office.

Non-EU students can buy the STUDIUM health insurance by Generali. This insurance is accepted by the Immigration Office.

There are three places to contact  depending on when you wish to make a call or visit a doctor:

1. WEEKDAYS BETWEEN 8.00-15.00

SE Kútvölgyi Clinical Block (Medical Center, Corridor “A”)
Address: XII. district, Kútvölgyi út 4.
Phone: (+36-1) 325-12-04

Google maps route to show how to get there from IBS.

If you feel sick

  • call the reception of the Kútvölgyi Clinic and ask for an appointment with the general practitioner. They speak English.

When you are there, use the patient check-in system:

  • On the touch screen select the menu item ‘Premium Internal Medicine Department’. You will receive a check-in barcode
  • Request the clinician or medical assistant to validate your check-in barcode
  • Keep your check-in bar code until the end of your visit
  • Avoid the Registration desks where Hungarian patients queue up (near the touch screen) and go directly to the revolving gate at the other end of the hall and validate your check-in barcode.
  • Follow corridor ’A’ on the left and show your bar at the reception desk. Then you will be called in to meet the doctor.


Emergency Department of the Internal Medicine Clinic at SE Kútvölgyi Clinical Block III.

Address: XII. district, Kútvölgyi út 4.
Phone: (+36-1) 325-11-71

Google maps route to show how to get there from IBS.

Please note that the first information you should tell after arrival is that you have a STUDIUM Generali health insurance and then tell them your problem in English.

What is covered by the Generali Insurance?

Freshly acquired health problems

What is not covered by the Generali Insurance?

Treatments that can be connected to a chronic/already existing health problem.

At some medical specialists you have to pay. You must ask for an "ÁFÁ-s számla”*.


Call the national ambulance service emergency phone number 112 or 104 (Országos Mentőszolgálat).

If you go to any other clinic or doctor because of an emergency situation, you should inform Anna Doherty ( as soon as you can. You might need to pay for the medical service there. You must ask for an “ÁFÁ-s számla”*.

Please note that the Health Insurance Card is only valid together with a passport, therefore it is important that you carry both the Health Insurance Card and your passport with you at all times.

Invoice/”ÁFÁ-s számla” submission for reimbursement:

If you receive medical treatment or buy medicines you should always ask for a special invoice ("ÁFÁ-s számla)" [ah-fahsh-sahm-la]*. Also ask for all your medical papers if you receive a treatment.


Please submit the original invoice, your medical papers with your Hungarian bank account details (you will need to fill in this form) to Anna Doherty +36-1-588-86-87.


Refunds by the insurance company will be transferred to your bank account in Hungary. The Insurance company will pay you back the costs within approximately 1 month.

*ÁFÁ-s számla
Pronounced: [ah-fahsh-sahm-la] (a special invoice)
Put your name and the address of IBS on it: 1031 Budapest, Záhony utca 7