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We focus on developing students' essential employability skills

UpSkill Programme by IBS is a novel initiative aiming to assess, and develop the skills that are most in-demand on the job market. The programme’s primary objective is to equip our students with a competitive advantage over their peers in job applications by providing levelled skills development courses and innovative assessment procedures as well as the opportunity to showcase their professional skill portfolio to prospective employers.

How does the UpSkill Programme work?

Step 1: During the first year of BSc studies, IBS determines students’ initial ability to perform in six critical skills for employment: Written Communication, Oral Communication, IT, Analytical, Quantitative and Teamwork skills. 


Step 2: In the second year they have the opportunity to participate in development workshops which are levelled according to their capabilities. 

Step 3: Once they have passed these modules, their newly acquired skills will be recognised through the issuance of ‘badges’: these are official mini-certificates that attest that the student has attained a certain achievement in the given area and is deemed worthy of obtaining that particular distinction. 

IBS identifies, measures and recognises other skills and area-specific knowledge to build an insightful profile for each graduate: social engagement, extracurricular activities, as well as various other achievements, are monitored by IBS. 


Direct link to the most attractive organizations

Badges and skill profiles are also collected on an online platform, IBS Talent.Net where students can access them and with their permission, we will make the badges accessible to prospective employers as well.

UpSkill yourself!


Participate in personalised skill development.


Collect badges that can be attached to your CV and job applications.


Earn recognition for special interests and engagements.


Be connected to prospective employers.

Why is it important to us?

Based on our institutional strategy, IBS intends to further develop capabilities in various soft and hard skill provisions while further facilitating the connection between our students and their prospective employers. We envisage UpSkill Programme to become an industry standard, a best practice in personalised skill development.