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While there is no compulsory teaching in the research degrees at IBS, the Research Programmes Council will, based on the evaluation of their admission file, strongly recommend candidates to attend one or several of the following workshops.

Research workshops offered for the enrolled research students, 1st year:

  1. workshop (in the first or second research month) Kick-off meeting (topics covered: rehashes the research process, critical expectations, key dates; “let the students utter their expectations and discuss each others’ topics”)
  2. workshop (in the 3rd or 4th research month) Academic writing: raising awareness of what constitutes acceptable academic writing, encouraging students to start writing from the earliest days of their research; critical reflections on style, basic vocabulary
  3. workshop (in the 5th or 6th research month) Writing a literature review 1: locating and selecting literature, explaining what it is and what it is not; how to read with purpose; showing strategies for structuring and synthesizing
  4. workshop (in the 7th or 8th research month) Writing a literature review 2: discussing the merits of pre-selected and pre-read literature reviews (from academic articles), with particular regard to critical analysis
  5. workshop (in the 10th or 11th research month) Research methodology: How to plan and write methodology (discussing the preferred methodologies found in literature review in selected topic, pros and cons)
  6. 1st Annual Review Exam (at the end of 1st research year): The main progress review for each PhD research student is called the Annual Review. However, student progress is routinely monitored by the supervisor throughout the degree programme. The Annual Review serves the purpose of ensuring that the student is maintaining his/her progress and is performing at a sustained and acceptable level for the ultimate award of the degree.

Research Workshops, 2nd year:

  1. workshop: Research methodology: Instruments, instrumentation of research. Justifying the research decision, by making references to studies available in the narrowly defined research area.
  2. workshop: Data collection: implementation of intended research, scheduling, etc. PhD students present their research instruments (e.g. interview guide, questionnaire etc.). Validity and Reliability.
  3. workshop: First results of empirical data collection. Feasibility.
  4.  workshop: mock review for the 2nd Annual Review Exam; Qualitative and quantitative research methods: how to assess the results?
  5. 2nd Annual Review Exam (at the end of 2nd research year): experimental data/extracts/chapters from the student’s work-in-progress should be circulated prior to the review so as to form the basis for discussion

3rd year in the program

2 workshops: presenting research results

At the end of the 3rd year: thesis submission