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The fast evolving field of Higher Education poses several challenges to faculty and administrators alike. The goal of this team is to bring quality answers to some of these current questions, based on in-depth academic research. Themes will include teaching skills (intercultural competences, use of international English as a language of instruction, current trends in staff development), e-learning (efficiency of blended learning, role of social constructivism, faculty capacity gaps) and needs analysis (collection and interpretation of data from employers on required interpersonal skills and their translation into actual module content).

The team has the following main goal:

To offer a rigorous analysis of the current trends in Higher Education, linking external and internal elements in order to be able to offer some usable recommendations to improve teaching and learning experiences.

More specifically, the following research questions will be investigated:

What benefits, if any, would the administration of an intercultural competence test (inventory) bring to the organisation? What actions can be taken as follow-up on the test results?

How do students/teachers studying/teaching at an international institution where the language of instruction is English perceive the English they are using?

What are the current trends of academic staff development in higher education? What are the effective methods to develop professionals who were not trained as teachers?

How effective is a hybrid learning approach compared to the traditional face-to-face approach in delivering content and skill courses? Does learner-to-learner interaction as conceived in a social constructivist framework lead to more effective teaching?

What type of presentations do alumni and students on placement perform? How close are these to the simulated business presentations required of students at school? What actions should be taken to improve the teaching of these skills?

Lead Researcher: Sazdovska, Jasmina 

PhD in Pedagogy, 2009, ELTE University

Selected recent publications:

Sazdovska, J. (2010) The Intentionality Model of Presentations: Designing a Genre and Speech Act Model for Analysing Business, in Gateway to English, Current Doctoral Research Budapest: ELTE Eötvös Kiadó

Sazdovska, J. (2009) Hooks: Attention-grabbers Guaranteed to Wake up a Snoozing Class or Audience. In IATEFL Hungary's 19th International Conference. Budapest