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We offer general business language (Certificado de Espanol de los Negocios) and tourism language exam (Certificado de Espanol del Turismo). IBS is an accredited language exam place for these unique international Spanish for Business exams in Spain.

If you need an exam for your degree, it is the best choice!

The exam has two levels: Certificado Básico, B2 level and Certificado Superior  for C1 level students. In order to make it easier for our students to pass this exam we regularly organize preparatory courses for the exam, which are usually 32 hours long and take place here at IBS.


  • Written exam: real-life articles, written tasks (CV-s, letters, memos, reports, etc.) and grammar/vocabulary tests.
  • Oral exam: article comprehension.

What is more, the Business Spanish classes we have here it IBS provide an excellent basis for this exam.

More details

Business language exams of Chamber of Commerce Madrid, general business  and  tourism language:

levels: B2 (intermediate) and C1 (advanced)


Nagy Erika

E-mail: enagy@ibs-b.hu

Please mark the type of the exam which you would like to apply for. Exam appointments by personal requirement are available!