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IBS launches its first startup competition this semester, we think it is a great opportunity for our alumni to get to know the current students of our institution and to build our community even stronger.

Take the chance and enroll in the competition and take your share from the 25.000 euro cash pool – the only condition is that your team must have a current IBS student among its members. To help forming teams with current IBS students, we set up a closed Facebook group, where you can share your fields of interests and find the students with whom you can develop new ideas in the area.

Share your unique business ideas and shape your concepts through the insights of a professional jury. Enter all one, two or all three rounds of the competition

Apply for the first challenge, the Elevator pitch by 9 December with a 100 word summary OR 60-second long elevator pitch video – the best ideas win 100 euros each. We are looking forward to your ideas!

See all competition details and rules here.

Papers must be submitted electronically to Moodle.

Do you have any questions or trouble with registering? Drop us a line at: startup@ibs-b.hu

Join the competition’s FB group and team up with fellow students and alumni.



Competition details and rules