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You don't have to take a break from your career to study. We have brand new distance learning master's programmes to accomodate all your needs. 

Programme Content

IBS’s new distance learning master programmes offered with the University of the West of Scotland — one of Scotland’s most innovative modern universities — are two-year, part-time programmes with two modules in each of the first four trimesters and the dissertation completed by the end of the sixth trimester.

Our distance learning programmes enable you to follow your own schedule assisted by excellent and interactive content. We invite our students to Budapest, Hungary for the start of each semester to complement their studies with workshops and seminars instructed by industry experts and executives, engage in exciting industry visits to some of the leading international and European companies.

Duration of study period 4 semesters
Starting date September, February
Tuition fee per semester € 1,900
One-off registration fee for non-EU citizens € 900
Degree awarded by University of the West of Scotland
Programme delivery Distance
Admission criteria Bachelor degree
Language of tuition English

MSc in Tourism Development and Management

Our Msc in Tourism Development and Management combines classic and contemporary theory with the most up-do-date and innovative real-life case studies in the rapidly diversifying field of tourism and destination management. Our programme will help you identify avenues of innovation and apply state-of-the-art solutions in the sustainable management of destinations and attractions. You will study specialised modules about the tourism development side (Destination Planning and Development, Visitor Attractions Management, Management and Marketing in the Aviation Industry and Sustainable Tourism Management modules).

Marketing of Destinations and Online 
Sustainable Tourism Management
Destination Planning and Development
Hospitality Operations Management
Financial Strategies in Tourism Management
Visitor Attractions Management
Research Methods
Conference and Exhibition Management
Special Interest Tourism
Management and Marketing in the Aviation Industry
Event Management
Attracting and Retaining Talent
Dissertation/Project Work

MSc in Startup Entrepreneurship

Our MSc in Startup Entrepreneurship is a real „niche programme” providing you with all the essential knowledge of seed-stage or early stage enterprises and prepare you for the challenges in management, product development, marketing and finances. This unique programme was designed with a single aim: develop key competences that are crucial for entrepreneurial success in the innovation-driven startup scene. You will get a wide range of increasingly specialised modules about the entrepreneurial side of business creation.

Innovative Ideas and Creative Concept
Consumer Behaviour and Customer Validation
Project Management for Launching and Scaling
Online Marketing Strategy
Venture Capital and Growth Financing
Business Model Design
Research Methods
Lean Management
Entrepreneurship and Technology
Innovation and Change Management
Protection of Intellectual Property
Attracting and Retaining Talent
Dissertation/Project Work

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