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IBS is an official examination centre for the CCIP. Their internationally recognised language exams take place in 610 centres in nearly 90 countries world-wide. You can take both general and business French language exam.

In Hungary, TEF and DFP certificates (see the explanations below) are equivalent and thus certified in Hungary. IBS is the only place in Hungary to take the TEF examination. No failure!

Certificates and Diplomas awarded by the Paris Chamber of Commerce

The CCIP language certificates are equivalent and thus certified in Hungary.  (NYAK)

TEF – Test d’évaluation de français is designed to measure the fluency of non-native speakers.
As the examination tests the level of attainment of candidates in the 4 language production, there will be no fail. The language certificate provides a report on your level. (A1 –C2)

Exams can be organised any time, on request!

                                - Exam sample

                                - See Certificate

DFP – Diplômes de français professionnel, - language exams for special purposes.
Candidates need to prove their knowledge  and skills relating to the field of interest such as business, tourism, etc.
The exams measures the level of candidates in the 4 basic skills: reading, listening,  writing and speaking in a professional context. See here 

DFP – A2, B1, B2 * , C1 – business French language exams from lower intermediate to proficiency level (Sample)

e-mail: kczelvi@ibs-b.hu
Application by e-mail. Please specify the exam you would like to attend.