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The IBS Hungarian Scholarship offers a 25% tuition fee reduction from the first-year tuition fee for students getting at least 80% on their Hungarian high-level English language baccalaureate exam and who, in addition to general entry requirements, meet the following criteria:

  • age: 18-23
  • a high-level Hungarian baccalaureate exam from English, minimum 80%
  • application for one of the British BSc programmes of IBS and the University of Buckingham 
  • student cannot be already enrolled on IBS

Application process:

Students are supposed to indicate simultaneously their respective wish to be granted the IBS Hungarian Scholarship by emailing scholarship@ibs-b.hu attaching their Hungarian high-level English language baccalaureate exam.

Applications will be approved by the Rector and there is no appeal against his decision. Notification will be sent via email.

Applicants can only receive the scholarship if they have paid the tuition fee for the first semester until the enrolment day.

If the scholarship is approved, students must pay the remaining part of their tuition fee* until the payment deadline indicated in the invoice. 

*The fee is non-refundable.

The fee reduction is valid in both semesters of the first year, so the scholarship winners pay 75% of the BSc semester fee in the first two semesters. 

The Hungarian Scholarship cannot be used together with the Academic Scholarship or the Starter Scholarship. 

Application deadline for the scholarship (Late applications will not be considered):

September 2021 intake - July 31, 2021

February 2022 intake - November 30, 2021