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All programmes will have ONLINE classes in the first semester of the February 2021 intake due to the local COVID situation. It is entirely up to students if they wish to travel to Budapest or prefer to stay in their home countries for the spring semester.

Enrolment will be ONLINE only as the campus is closed. Please write to request@ibs-b.hu to receive an appointment for your enrolment.

Online enrolment is a video chat where you have to present your original documents and sign the learning agreement. 

Dates of online enrolment for new students for the February 2021 intake:

11 January - 4 February 2021

Please write to request@ibs-b.hu to receive an appointment for the online enrolment from the Student Centre.

It will be done in a video chat (you will need a laptop and camera) and you will have to present your passport, original school documents and English language certificate (if you have one) and sign the contract in front of the IBS administrator.

What to prepare: 

  • Original high school diploma or Bachelor's/Master's degree certificate
  • certified English translation of the above document if it's not in English or in Hungarian,
  • English language certificate (if you have one),
  • official work reference letter(s) (if you have been admitted with work experience),
  • passport (non-EU citizens), passport or ID card (EU citizens), ID card, TAJ card and Adóazonosító card (Hungarian citizens),

You will receive the timetable from the Student Center.

IBS Online English testing before enrolment: 

Please check on our website if you can be exempt from the IBS online English language testing with your language certificate.

IBS informs you if you must take the IBS online English testing. 

  • BSc students: online English language test that you can take any time but just once for 100 minutes (without any help or copy-paste), online listening and interview for which you book a day in advance.
  • MSc students: online English language test that you can take any time but just once for 100 minutes (without any help or copy-paste).
  • International University Foundation: online English language test that you can take any time but just once for 100 minutes (without any help or copy-paste).

Website for IBS online English testing: https://seti.ibs-b.hu/

The online listening for BSc students starts at 9 a.m. CET (Hungarian time) sharp, please log in to https://seti.ibs-b.hu/ at 8:45 a.m. CET (Hungarian Time). Please make sure to check your log in details one day before as you will have to retake the listening if you cannot start it on time. You will get an invitation for the interview by email ONLY if you have completed the listening part.

Online interviews for BSc students are conducted via Microsoft Teams (no need to download it) in 20-minute slots anytime between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. CET on the same day as the listening. Please note that interview times are not flexible and they are scheduled by the interviewers. Apart from a stable internet connection, you will need a camera and a microphone for the interview. 

If your internet connection breaks down during the listening please write to info@ibsbudapest.com and we will provide you with a new date. 

IBS will inform you about the result of your IBS online English testing (within 2 days) and after that, you can enrol.