Accommodation in Budapest

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Stay in the IBS on-campus Residence Hall and walk to school!

IBS Residence Hall 

The on-campus residence hall offers comfortable accommodation in well-equipped en suite rooms and high-speed internet access in common areas. Only 30 minutes from the city centre, the newly built residence hall offers cosy rooms. Rooms can be occupied by one person or shared with another student. Each room has its own bathroom and there are communal kitchens at the disposal of students.

You may opt for a 5-month or 10-month contract with a security deposit of 470 EUR at the following prices (valid from September 2019):

Length of ContractType of room

  Monthly rental fee per person  


   Rental fee total   


5-month contract

single occupancy

    5 x 470 = 2350
10-month contract
single occupancy

   10 x 450 = 4500

10-month contract
shared occupancy

 10 x 340 = 3400

Please be informed that construction is taking place on the neighbouring estate. 

Please read the RH Information Package for 2020/21. You may apply for the residence hall on our online application form or write to

Address: 1031 Budapest, Reichl Kálmán u. 6.