Student Wellbeing

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Going to university is a great step and every student has the same questions: Will I fit in? Will I be able to keep up with my studies? Will I face difficulties? Will I be able to arrange all administrative issues by myself? We put a high priority on supporting you whether these are your first essential arrangements in Budapest, personal problems or academic questions. Our guiding intentions are to help you find your way, be successful and achieve your future goals.


Pastoral Care

All students can turn to the Student Support Manager and have private conversations about any  personal matters simply to be heard, receive support, overcome difficulties and concentrate on studies.

Academic Counselling

Academic Counselling is provided to all students who have any academic questions related to matters such as credits, modules or academic progression. Students can arrange one-to-one meetings and discuss any academic essentials, questions or difficulties with the Academic Counsellor.

Learning Disability and Long-Term Health Conditions

Should a student have any kind of learning disabilities or suspect that they may, guidance is provided by  the Disabilities Services Coordinator. Similarly, if any students suffer with or develop a significant long-term health condition, we will provide the appropriate support.

International Student Advice

For any student coming to IBS and Hungary from abroad, we provide you with dedicated advice related to practical everyday life matters such as legal stay in Hungary; accommodation, health insurance, opening a bank account etc.

Peer Mentoring Programme

The IBS Peer Mentoring Programme connects trained Second year BSc Mentors with newly starting first year students (Mentees). Peer support is a vital way to support the transition to life as an IBS student and our Mentors are here to support their mentees through the crucial first new semester having had experience of that same journey. You can turn to your mentors for tips on classes, assessments and social activities as well.

Meet our mentors from 2020. See how the first-ever IBS Mentors were celebrated on this video and find further details of the first Peer Mentoring semester in the history of IBS in this article.

For parents

Going to University is a very exciting time for any individual and for a family as a whole but it can also be overwhelming and fraught with worry, especially for a parent, when your loved one is moving to another city or even another continent or country.  We take pride in supporting our students as they progress into adulthood with a range of support services. We provide this information so that you are aware of the assistance that we provide in order to reassure you that your loved one is receiving the best care as possible 

Important Note:

As much as we wish to support you in this process, due to strict Data Protection laws we are not permitted to release any information about a student to a third party without that student’s expressed permission in the Contract of Education.  “Third parties” include parents, guardians, siblings and spouses. We understand that this can be frustrating but we strive to care for all students in the best possible way.