Spatial, Social and Marketing Aspects of Online Social Networks

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Social network websites (like Facebook or LinkedIn) open up brand new research areas in marketing, knowledge management, network science, social structure and even geography. The hottest issues in internet and social media studies are around online social networks that account for a very wide scientific interest due to actuality and interdisciplinarity. The studies will be done mostly on iWiW and Facebook data.

The team proposes to study three main aspects of online social networks, in order to:

Contribute to academic literature on social media by bringing new evidence from local and international sites

Bring together theories and concepts in marketing, knowledge management and network science to provide for a fuller explanation of some social media phenomena

More specifically, the following research questions will be investigated:

What kind of new marketing strategies prevail in the Hungarian social media practice?

Do new forms of social structures emerge along online social networks?

How do spatial dimensions shape online social networks?

Lead Researcher:  Ságvári, Bence

PhD in Sociology, 2010, ELTE University

Associate Researcher:  Lengyel, Balázs

Selected recent publications:

Ságvári B. (2011): A net generáció törésvonalai – kultúrafogyasztás és életstílus csoportok a magyar fiatalok körében. In: Bauer B., Szabó A. (eds.) Arc(talan) nemzedék. Nemzeti Család- és Szociálpolitikai Intézet, Budapest.

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Lengyel, B., Jakobi, Á. (2012) The offline landscape of an online social network: distance and size shaping community spread and activity. Paper presented at ‘Regions in Motion-Breaking the Path ‘ ERSA Congress, 21–25 August 2012, Bratislava.