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Workshop with former IBS student Orsolya Molnár

We are proud of the success of former IBS student, Nóra Erdélyi

IBS Employability Survey - 2017 February cohort

We are proud of our former student Pál Bíró, new leader of Google Hungary

“As a true entrepreneur you cannot stop on one project.”

Rendi director Timur Csillik is a successful and charitable IBS alumni

90% of IBS students reach their career goal upon graduating

Meet our alumni, Henrik Thorsnes

Meet our alumni, Kinga Szabó

Meet our alumni, Zsuzsanna Kiss

Meet our alumni, Balázs Halmay

Charity donation to commemorate 25th anniversary

Meet our alumni, Kiarmin Bahremand

Meet our alumni, Tamás Wachtler

Meet our alumni, András Angyal

Meet our former student, Tatiana Vacaru

Meet our alumni, Jasmine Plavsic

Meet our former student, Viktória Minya

Meet our former student, Julia Mechtler

Meet our former student, Katalin Mizda