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When professors are learning

Intellectual Property Protection is a vital issue for startups

Cast into deep waters no. 3: A business angel’s view

Cast into deep waters no. 2: Motivation

Community Investment and Social Responsibility

Regional Integration

How to Organize a Conference

“We Can End Hunger by 2030”

Did you know? More than 60 guest lecturers are invited to IBS every semester.

Cast into Deep Waters no. 1: How to Pitch?

Follow the best or be the best?

Actively compassionate - Interview with Kenneth Umeh, Student Support Manager at IBS

Spark Institute at IBS

IBS presents Spark Institute

Dr. László Láng on economic development and political democracy: do they go hand-in-hand?

Interview with Professor Kinga Könczey

Interview with Professor Ibolya Gothárdi

Meet our new colleague, Krisztina Dörnyei

Interview with the Rector of IBS

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