Getting a Hungarian SIM card

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There are three main network operators in Hungary. Each provider offers multiple packages and affordable rates. All three providers have shops in the big shopping malls as well as in the AUCHAN hypermarket next to IBS.

1. Telekom
Cheapest prepaid card: Domino
Cheapest monthly plan: Move S

2. Telenor
Cheapest prepaid card: Praktikum
Cheapest monthly plan: MyTariff XS

3. Vodafone
Cheapest prepaid card: MAX-M
Cheapest monthly plan: Vodafone Go

Prices ususally vary between 30-50 HUF per minute or per SMS.
Even the most basic packages include 100-200 MB internet data per month.

Calls within the provider's network may be cheaper, so you it may be a good idea to find out which provider most of your friends use.

For a contract you will need:
- Residence permit (or registration card for EU & EEA citizens)
- Passport
- Student certificate 
- Proof of accommodation (rental contract)
- Bank account statement