Visiting a doctor - EU students

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EU students studying in Hungary will be insured by their EU cards for the first 12 months, after this EU students need to transfer to Hungary’s national health insurance scheme.

Each area in Budapest has an assigned general family doctor (in Hungarian: Háziorvos [hah-zee-or-vosh]).  Please enquire from your flat's owner or people in your building where to go. This information is often displayed on a notice board in the corridor.

The family doctor will normally ask for your passport, a valid EU Health Card, a rental contract or Address Card, which will be provided by the Immigration Office after registration.

The family doctor can prescribe you some medicine or send you to a specialist in a clinic with his/her medical referral. Some specialists require an appointment that you can make by phone or in person, but some do not require one.

You do not need a family doctor's referrel referral to see a dermatologist, gynecologist, urologist, otolaryngologist (ear, nose and throat conditions), ophthalmologist, oncologist, or general surgery. Nevertheless, it is worth calling the clinic ("szakrendelő") in advance for an appointment.

Please note:

- Not every family doctor speaks English, so, if possible, get someone to help you with the translation.
- EU students studying in Hungary will be insured by their EU cards for the first 12 months, after this EU students need to transfer to Hungary’s national health insurance scheme.
- The EU health insurance card can only be used for a newly diagnosed illness and not for old/chronic diseases, not for pre-existing conditions, but chronic conditions are covered.

If you are staying at the Residence Hall of IBS your local family doctor is:
dr. György KOCSIS
Phone: +36-1 454-1814
Address: 1031 Budapest, Monostori út 27.
Availability: Mon: 8-12, Tue: 15-19, Wed: 8-12, Thu: 15-19, Fri: morning (8-11) and afternoon (13-16) alternatively

Health Insurance for the students coming from the EEA (European Economic Area) and Switzerland

EEA and Swiss citizens are automatically insured during their temporary stay in Hungary if the hold a European Health Insurance Card (EU Card):


If it is temporarily not possible to issue the EU Card for some reasons, the relevant Health Insurance authority can give a Temporary Card Substitute Form. The use of the Temporary Card Substitute Form is the same as for the EU Card.

The insured student with the EU Card (or the Temporary Card Substitute Form) can turn directly to the medical service providers that have signed a contract with the Hungarian health insurance institute (these are the state medical institutions). These medical service providers are obliged to treat foreign students with an EU Card (or Temporary Card Substitute Form) in the same way as if they had a Hungarian insurance.

Upon presenting a valid EU Card (or Temporary Card Substitute Form) foreign students with an international insurance must be provided with the necessary treatment free of charge.

Those citizens of the EEA area and Switzerland who do not have a valid EU Card or Temporary Card Substitute Form, or do not present any of these documents within 15 days after the treatment, are obliged to pay for the medical service.

In some cases, Hungarian medical workers may not be aware of the rules and regulations and might ask the EU students with a valid EU card to pay, or to choose another doctor. To prevent such cases you may present the Hungarian regulations below to such doctors:


"Országos Egészségbiztosítási Pénztár
Nemzetközi és Európai Uniós Főosztály

A fenti igazolásokkal Magyarországon a külföldi egészségbiztosítás terhére vehetők igénybe azok az egészségügyi szolgáltatások, amelyek
- a magyarországi átmeneti tartózkodás során
- orvosilag szükségessé válnak.

Ennek megfelelően a külföldi biztosított az Európai Egészségbiztosítási Kártyával (vagy Kártyahelyettesítő Nyomtatvánnyal) közvetlenül a magyar egészségbiztosítással szerződéses kapcsolatban álló egészségügyi szolgáltatóhoz fordul, akinek az EU-Kártya / a Kártyahelyettesítő Nyomtatvány alapján úgy kell ellátnia a külföldi biztosítottat, mintha magyar biztosított lenne. Az érvényes EU-Kártya / Kártyahelyettesítő Nyomtatványt bemutató külföldi biztosítással rendelkező beteg részére kötelezően nyújtandók a szükséges ellátások, az ellátás költségeinek megtérítésére a beteg nem kötelezhető."