EU and EEA students: Registration at the Immigration Office

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Citizens of the EU and the EEA area may travel to Hungary without a visa. However, according to Hungarian law, all international students must fulfill the requirements for residency in Hungary and register at the Immigration Office. Please note that you must arrange this within 93 days after arrival in Hungary. 

It is recommended that you make an appointment at the Immigration Office before you go there:

Documents required for registration:

Passport and passport photo

and photocopy of the front page

Registration Certificate

Please print it and fill it in!

EUHealth Insurance Card


received in your home country, or any other insurance

Health Insurance

(the Generali Studium Health insurance can be bought at IBS upon previously setting an appointment. The agent’s email:


Certificate of Student Status

can be received from the Student Centre

Temporary Student Card Certificate

(can be received from the Student Centre) or a valid plastic Student Card (with a stamp of the current academic semester on it)

Accommodation – Rental contract

a) If you are staying at the Residence Hall, please ask the manager of the Residence Hall to supply you with the contract (Gyöngyi Szabó

b) If you are staying in a rented flat, you will have to submit the rental contract

Important: If the flat is provided not by the owner, but from an agency/relative/friend etc, then an Authorisation between the owner and the trustee with two witnesses will be required. If the flat’s owner is a company then a Master Signature (‘Aláírási címpéldány’ in Hungarian) will also be required.

c) If you are staying in somebody’s flat as a favour (for free), you have to provide a ‘contractof courtesy use of flat’ (‘szívességi lakáshasználati szerződés’ in Hungarian), delivered by the owner(s) of the property. It should contain the address of the property, the personal data of the user (you) and the statement that you can stay in this property free of charge. Two witnesses (with name and address) should sign this contract.

Bank account statement -account balance

sufficient to cover living expenses. The account owner should be the student or the parent. If it is the parent a Declaration from  the owner of the bank account should be required.

Costs: 1000 HUF

which can be paid by card or cheque (at any Hungarian Post Office)

In case you are an Erasmus student the Erasmus study contract


Opening hours of the Immigration Office, Costumer Service Office # III. – Office of Immigration and Nationality (Budapest).

Monday: 08.30-13.00
Tuesday: 13.00-17.00
Wednesday: 08.30-12.00 ‘Student Day’ (but students can go on any other day too).
Thursday: 08.30-13.00
Friday: 08.30-12.00

Address: 1135 Budapest, Szegedi út 35-37 (Twin Office Center Building), Ground floor
Phone: +36-1-463 9292, e-mail: 
For further information, you can visit the website of the Immigration Office (English version available): 

How to get to the Immigration Office from IBS:

Take the 106 bus at Szentendrei street, direction Árpád híd Metro (4 stops). At Szentlélek tér, take the No. 1 tram direction Etele út /Fehérvári út. Get off at Vágány utca (5 stops) and continue on foot as it is indicated on the map.


Student Wellbeing Team: 

Anna Doherty