“The education in Hungary is outstanding."

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We talked to Azer Ismayilzada, our student from Azerbaijan about his studies and student life in Budapest.

Could you give us more information about your university and degree programme? Why did you choose IBS?

I am studying BSc in Management at International Business School in Budapest. When I initiated my application to this university I highlighted that I would like to continue and deepen my Business Administration specialization which I had studied in Baku. Then I reviewed the offered bachelor’s degree programmes and chose Management among them.

What is the main difference between IBS and other universities?

IBS is one of the three most prestigious universities of Hungary with high quality of education. After graduation, I will be granted with The University of Buckingham’s degree, that is one of the most reputable universities in Great Britain. IBS is accredited not only in Hungary and Great Britain, but also in the whole of the European Union and the USA as well.

This university is included into the “State Program on Education of Azerbaijani Youth Abroad for 2007-2015”, the scholarship programme financed by Azerbaijani government. It is very big advantage for Azerbaijani youth to study here under the sponsorship of our government. Other advantage for Azerbaijani students is that “Study in Hungary”, the official representative of IBS permanently operates in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. This representative delivers services for the students in both Baku and Budapest. I used their services as well, and advised my friends to attend the education fairs held by “Study in Hungary” and apply to IBS. Moreover, the international student environment in IBS is better than in other universities, where you can easily improve your English language skills.         

How did you decide to start studying in Hungary? What attracted you to this country?

Before IBS, I studied at Qafqaz University in Baku for two years. It was my biggest dream to study for a bachelor’s degree in Europe. After graduating from lyceum and obtaining IELTS certificate, I was accepted to the different university abroad, but had to stay in Baku due to the visa issues. The following year, I was always looking for university with high quality education. This is how I found about IBS online and applied. Then I realized my long-time dream after passing all necessary steps. I have to highlight that although I had problems for obtaining visa to go to the other university I was accepted, I did not face any problem in obtaining Hungarian visa.

When you arrived to Hungary, what was your first impression about this country?

To be honest, when I arrived to Budapest, I was dissappointed with the roads on my way from airport to the city center because they do not seem to be as good as in Azerbaijan. But when I arrived to the city center, I witnessed the spectacularity of Budapest. It features with its wide roads, green parks and magnificent historic monuments. Danube river dividing the city into two sides also gives a special beauty to the city.

Could you talk about your student life as well? Generally, how do the foreign students coming to Hungary for studying spend their free time?

You can spend your time for study as well as for social life in Budapest. You can be busy with your classes on weekdays, and then enjoy your weekends. There are many cafes, restaurants, different other interesting places. Each student can find any entertainment and hobby suitable for own interests and financial status in this city.

What could you advise to the students planning study abroad?

I would like to recommend them studying in Europe, because it is possible to get good education and find carrier opportunities here. Hungary is an excellent place from this point of you.

BSc in Management

If you also want to study at IBS, do not hesitate to contact our recruitment agency in Azerbaijan:
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