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"When you are a leader, everybody around you must be better than you "

Head of the StarTau Tel Aviv University Entrepreneurship Center at IBS

Now is the time! If you have a great idea, take your chance.

Questions that you never dared to ask

"Sometimes you go with the flow, sometimes you create the flow."

Interview with Dr. Lívia Kacsukné Bruckner

IBS’ MSc in Financial Management programme is in Global Top 100!

Venture Capital at a Glance

Private Equity / Venture Capital at Work

”None like it hot”

Listen to the interview with IBS Professor Ervin Gömbös

The Merits of Twinning with Companies

When professors are learning

Intellectual Property Protection is a vital issue for startups

A business angel’s view

"Try Again. Fail again. Fail better."

Community Investment and Social Responsibility

Regional Integration

How to Organize a Conference

“We Can End Hunger by 2030”