Big Day at IBS

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IBS Career Office organizes the IBS exclusive Job Fair, alias Big Day every year. For some students this may be the first step of their future career, for some the first encounter with their future job.

The Job Fair offers a great opportunity, for students and company representatives to meet on campus and network. Students can receive specific answers here for everything they ever wanted to know about jobs, job applications, from the companies themselves, where they might want to apply to. For some students this may be the first step of their future career, for some the first encounter with their future job.

Mrs. Gábor Vincze, supporting the work of nine county regional offices in HR within NN Insurance Co. Ltd. in Hungary,  said, “We are here today for two purposes, we are offering work options for student both in full time and part time that can be accommodated with their studies. We are looking for young adults who speak Hungarian, also for internships. Unfortunately, we can offer rather limited options in this latter. Our colleagues are working as private entrepreneurs. NN is specialized in life insurance, pension insurance, health insurance, investments, selling financial products. We accept students form any professional field but an interest is required in finances, efficiency and self-confidence, good communication skills, and empathy towards the clients, are needed as well. Also, we want young adults who follow and accept our principles and values in serving our clients and his or her needs in the best possible ways.”

Other companies were looking for potential applicants who speak languages, and this seemed to be a more general requirement, however company policy might differ, is that everybody who is working for Microsoft for example should speak the local language and English. All the representatives of the companies told that they were here to give assistance and help for applicants to get prepared the best possible way for a job interview and prepare the best way they can for a possible job. Not only profit oriented business companies were represented at IBS but some global institutions, UNICEF among them that are great work places to learn, to collect experiences and to feel what it means to act and work on a global level


Never miss your chance to check out your career options in a generously comfortable way at IBS’Career Office website.

November 16, 2016 the following companies were represented at IBS BIG DAY, Accor Pannónia Hotels Zrt, Agoda Állás-Start Magyarország Kft, Aon Hewitt Citibank, ExxonMobil Business Support Center, GWSHUB HRN Europe IBM ISSC, IBM IGF,IBM, HVG Karrier Plusz, Morgan Stanley, PublicisOne, PwC, Stamegna Retail, Tata Consultancy Services Hungary, GE Corporate, GE Global Operations, Microsoft, NN, UNICEF, UNHCR, Roche.