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I'm sure that everyone loves islands. My favorite island is my own country which is Cyprus. Cypus is an amazing country with a great history of wars and important monuments. From the ancient times a lot of wars happened just to conquer Cyprus because we had a lot of copper, gold and timber.  Rumours state that Cyprus is the lost empire, Atlantis. In the recent years we are independent and we have our own democracy with presidents. The flora and fauna is not abundant but there are some plants in the mountains the so called Cyprus which is fantastic and rare. The animals in the mountains are normal, you can meet hares, foxes, snakes and various species of birds. Mouflon opium is protected because this herb lives only in Cyprus. 

Cyprus has 4 free cities because everyone knows that half of Cyprus is being held by Turkey. The cities are Paphos, Larnaca, Limassol, which are abundant in all coastal beaches and monuments from ancient times as castles near the sea. The sea combines MAGIC because the rumours say that this is the placehere God Aphrodité lives, the most beautiful girl who ever lived.  The only city that has no beach and is located in the center is Nicosia that is the capital. It is a beautiful city with many attractions. In the centre of Nicosia you can see a modern city with several cafes, pubs, shops, cinemas and FUN centers for nightlife. Also on the walls of Nicosia (named like this because of the acquisition during the war with Turkey for protection) CAN see the so-called "old" Nicosia which is full of old houses built before the war and several small lanes. Nicosia is the only capital city around the world which is separated, however people manage to have a wonderful life there.


Although each year thousands of tourists visit Cyprus for enjoying the sea, they have to know about  the small villages where grandparents still keep alive the old & traditional Cyprus with the clothes they wear, the way of hospitality, traditional Cypriot dances, traditional Cypriot meals, traditional weddings are also available.

I hope you enjoyed my writing about Cyprus and hopefully you will visit my delightful country.  :) 


/Stylianos Charalambous/

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