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Meet our alumni, Henrik Thorsnes

Actively compassionate - Interview with Kenneth Umeh, Student Support Manager at IBS

Meet our student, Radwa Al-Maghrabi from Egypt

And the winners are...

Cast into deep waters no. 3: A business angel’s view

Cast into deep waters no. 2: Motivation

Community Investment and Social Responsibility

Regional Integration

Big Day at IBS

How to Organize a Conference

Field trip to Kirchhoff Automobile Ltd.

“We Can End Hunger by 2030”

Interview with Maja and Reuben Fowkes

No Taboos!

Did you know? More than 60 guest lecturers are invited to IBS every semester.

Cast into Deep Waters no. 1: How to Pitch?

Follow the best or be the best?

Farewell to the term “Advertising agency”

Meet our alumni, Kinga Szabó

Robots might take our jobs, but should we worry about that?